As That Look team, we refer to ourselves ,not only as merchandising and design office but rather as “content creator” for our clients.

The ability of mixing all elements in the fashion industry, helped us creating a different business model that is overcoming the conventional ways and limits. We aim to differentiate our services by positioning ourselves more as your strategic partner, your supporting friend.

Through creative and strategic thinking we are bridging right designs with right producers in collaboration with you, always considering your requests and expectations.

Our depth of experience enables us to quickly assess and analyze needs and offer timely and effective solutions in all of the senses. We are here! always well connected with you to listen,support and act based in İstanbul.



Collection Design

Collection is a magical word for us… We balance, the more informational "Where can I get that look? aspect and the one-step ahead creativity based on your requests and brand strategies, to fill in your collections with our designs.

We believe that much oxygen is needed for the industry which can be provided through innovative and new ideas. We adopt this approach to our company mission, It’s our key motto!
Thanks to our creative spirit and rich network, we make great content for our business partners and grow together. There is no limit to that…
Being very attached for fashion scene is the main source of our desire and confidence to our team members.
We aim to stay always one step ahead in the market by our researches in trends and market intelligence in order to support and envision your business in the best and stronger way.

Project Design

We always seek unique, haute couture solutions for your brand.
Primarily, as That Look team we use our facilitation skills, to listen deeply and understand the need, then start to design and execute your collections. In addition to this we explore and design exclusive, strategic & creative projects,that would lead you to differentiate your business in the market.




Great experience and network within the production field enables us to organize, plan and follow up in the best way of all the production processes.
Our technical and the follow up teams are highly skilled to ensure each critical path. We have high performances on providing optimum production quality, on time delivery and meeting maximum expectations. By random checks and systematic controls, our merchandising teams are always keeping the producers proactive. We often highlight that all production quality standards and issues are under our initiative and responsibility on behalf of our customers. That Look cares about all the details, from the creation of a style to sampling and production. We believe, thinking and acting in 360° perspective is the key for success and customer loyalty...





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